It is suggested that you take 2 minutes to clear your head from your busy day before you start the class work.  This time is called grounding. Please enjoy this “grounding” video.


Episode 1 ~ Power of Words

Learn and understand how the use of words impact your life as well as others. Learn why your words have power and how it has actually been scientifically proven that what we say has an impact. Understand how what you say impacts yourself.  Why your thoughts count as your go on this journey called life. What you think and say, matters.

Episode 2 ~ ReDefining Fear

Learn how to define fear so that you can look at it differently. Understand when you are looking through the eyes of fear and how it is impacting your life.  Learn how to view life differently.  Dare to face and even overcome your fears. Challenge yourself to move pass the boundaries of fear.

Episode 3 ~ Judgement

Learn how to let go of jealousy, anger and negativity. Learn to look at people and situations through eyes of love.  Learn what it means to be a part of something that uplifts yourself, others and the world around you. Here we define, what it means to look through the eyes of the and the consequences one faces when it is absent.

Episode 4 ~ Getting Out of Your Own Way

Sometimes we find goals so hard to rise to the challenge, we defeat ourselves by saying it is too hard before we even start.  It’s time to get out of our own way!  No goal is to big if you are willing to put int the work and step up to the challenge.  Learn to look at your goals through eyes of the courageous person that you are!

Episode 5 ~ Why Forgive

Learn why forgiveness is true freedom. It is not just a few words uttered but an embodiment of the soul.  This is our most powerful tool to move of forward and through any story that engulfs us.  Enolia shares the what, when, how and why to forgive in your life and the results it may yield if you choose to do it.

Episode 6 ~ Reclaiming Your Power

Learn how we actually give our power away and how we can choose a different decision that can change everything.  How we react emotionally to situations and people keep us from moving forward in life.  Recognize when you are stuck and what tools to use to move forward in life.

Episode 7 ~ Where We Hold Our Power

How do we call on the courageous person inside ourselves? Where is this person within?  Learn to know yourself within; your strengths, your weaknesses – every aspect of yourself.  Courage is when you can love and call on all parts of yourself especially in times of stress.