Enolia shares ancient wisdom to enrich our modern lives.

Enolia has traveled the world to study with indigenous elders of the Ojibwa Lakota, Yaqui, Hopi, and Apache Nations of north America to the Mapuche of Chile and the Toltec of Mexico to the Luhya of Kenya, just to name a few. ENOLIA is a graduate of ‘Four Winds Light Body School’ where she received the 13 Rites of the Munay-ki from the Q’eros Indians of Peru.

From the lessons of these teachers/elders ENOLIA walks the path set before her as teacher, counsel, healer empowering others to reach their goals.

Her 20 plus years navigating the dynamics of the corporate world fortified her with leadership development, performance excellence and empowerment coaching.  ENOLIA holds a degree in mathematics and graduated in the top 1% of her MBA class. She networked entire IT solutions for global organizations, in the profit and non-profit sectors, holds degrees and multiple certifications in technology, served on multiple boards, is an ordained minister and is certified in various empowerment methods.

A natural orator, ENOLIA harmonizes corporate experience with a broad knowledge base that includes many facets of energetic medicine, and all of which are focused on healing and the empowerment of the soul.

By sharing an accumulative knowledge of ancient practices and teachings through present day experience, ENOLIA is a modern day Medicine Woman and Global Empowerment Leader.

ENOLIA is available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Lecture topics on native teachings: ​​

  • How to embrace spiritual practice to reduce stress in a corporate setting.
  • Empowerment: (Re)Defining Fear, Releasing Judgement, Power of Words, Why forgive, Reclaiming Your Power
  • Sacred Geometry: How to look at anything beyond the dimension of it’s face value. The symbolic meaning behind all shapes.
  • Earthkeepers Wisdom: How to look at mother earth in a completely different way. They symbiotic relationship between people and nature.

Leading drum circles focused on:​​

  • Hand Drum Making / Awakening in ceremony
  • Expressing Your Voice Through Drumming
  • Sacred Drumming
  • Native Songs
  • Ceremony
  • Meditation

Women’s Empowerment retreats to assist in the initiation and 

rekindle self-nurturing and peace through:​​

  • Women’s Rites of Passage
  • Womb Clearing / Womb Wisdom
  • Empowerment discussions
  • How to break through your own limiting self views.

Expeditions to sacred sights around the world which include:​

  • Ceremony & Rites
  • Meditation which include Language of Light, and earth-based specialized practices.
  • Leads to historical & Sacred understanding of the archaeological sights.